CloudWays Is It Possible To Adjust Server Diskspace – What You Need To Know

With the world being an international web village, web hosting services are a typical requirement for services today. As such, the cloud-based web hosting market is swarming with providers. One of them, renowned for interesting and unique webhosting services is CloudWays hosting solution. CloudWays Is It Possible To Adjust Server Diskspace

Here is an insight into the functions, prices, pros, and cons of the CloudWays web hosting platform so you can decide if it is right for you.

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CloudWays Features CloudWays Is It Possible To Adjust Server Diskspace

Trusted and Specialist Customer Service

The web hosting industry can be challenging to navigate, specifically for newbies. Thankfully, CloudWays supplies 24/7 in-class support for all its customers.

In addition, CloudWays has established close collaborations with premium and innovative support teams. Clients can now have their problems solved through a live chat platform that is open throughout the year, whenever of the day. Their growing team of experts is always ready to use services.

To relieve this process, online tickets are issued to make sure live tracking of intricate concerns as they get solved. To make it even easier for consumers, CloudWays provides space for personalized setups. This makes it simpler to understand the system and relieves server change procedures.

CloudWays features

High-Performance Levels

Enough resources are dedicated to all servers that are introduced on CloudWays. The webhosting is based upon SSD drives, which are 3 times faster than routine drives. Through these drives, page load time is decreased, assisting in a spectacular efficiency. Rather than the difficulties faced in shared hosting, CloudWays seemingly has a devoted environment. This ensures the optimal efficiency of applications and servers.

Another element that increases CloudWays performance is the built-in sophisticated caches that come as part of the package. Moreso, all CloudWays servers are PHP 7.3 ready, which is faster than their predecessors.

With CloudWays, frets about sites crashing are gotten rid of. This is due to the fact that the server is equipped with auto-healing reboot features.

Surefire Web Security

With managed hosting, comes handled security. This is precisely the case with CloudWays, whose practices guarantee servers are kept safe and protected. With precise firewall programs, trespassers and harmful traffic is removed of the server. The arrangement of a one-click SSL file encryption feature helps to boost security even further.

CloudWays also enables IP whitelisting to make partnership with open gain access to networks easy. Additionally, they perform routine OS patching on all servers to make sure security breaches are avoided. The webhosting is also equipped with a two-factor authentication function that keeps intruders at bay. To enhance security, bot security is executed to reject access to any damaging traffic.

Easy Team Cooperation

CloudWays web hosting makes it simple for people in a team to work together on various tasks. With the GIT auto-deployment function, updated live codes are released as modifications in the server take place.

Interestingly, the web host enables server cloning to make copying of information easy. This makes it simple to divide each task between the best teams.

For customers managing many websites, it is possible to group applications into jobs. The projects can even be appointed to different groups.

Server transfer is made simple through a single click hosting feature. WordPress sites can also be migrated to CloudWays hassle-free and with zero charges.

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Complete Control Rights

With CloudWays, you are the boss! The server settings permit easy control of numerous criteria, applications, and bundles.

That, controlling WordPress sites is made easy and problem-free. This is through the powerful WP_CLI most current version commands. In case of unexpected security concerns, access to an app can be disabled. This can be effected through a single click to stop any cron jobs for the application.

Changing server settings is made quick and simple by means of CloudWays. There is no requirement to run complicated commands at the command line. The easy to use platform offers space to alter all app settings to the preferred status. The platform also allows easy control of varnish cache guidelines with the right to consist of or omit cookies.

Easy and efficient Monitoring

Getting quality web host services indicates that it’s simple to keep track and remain upgraded. That stated, CloudWays uses 24/7 server monitoring guaranteeing assurance. As constant monitoring takes location, over 16 metrics are shown. All this is from the comfort of the console.

It is likewise easy to repair and recognize any server issues before they become hazardous. Notices are sent out in real-time to enhance server and app efficiency.

CloudWays long banner

CloudWays Cons and pros

CloudWays Pros

  • The setup procedure is simple and hassle-free
  • Unique and exceptional|Outstanding and • unique} uptime
  • It can be incorporated into lots of applications.
  • Has many and versatile account tiers
  • Flexible payment plans including pay as you go.
  • Free Trials for everyone
  • Easy website cloning

CloudWays Cons

  • Does not have a domain registration feature
  • Charges extra costs for e-mails

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CloudWays Pricing

In spite of using top quality web hosting services, CloudWays still maintains versatile pricing policies. From as low as $10 per month, any business can obtain a CloudWays account.

Despite the fact that there are lots of packages for everybody, 4 of them are excessively popular. The very first one is the $10 monthly package that includes 1GB RAM and a 1 Core Processor. It likewise has a 25GB storage capability and 1TB bandwidth. The second plan comes at $22 per month with 2GB RAM. It has a one core processor, 50GB storage capability, and 2TB Bandwidth.

The other popular plan comes at $42 per month. The RAM capacity is 4GB and a bandwidth of 4TB. It has a 2core processor with an 80GB storage space. There is the $80 per month plan that comes with 8GB RAM. Additionally, it has a four-core processor, 5TB bandwidth, and 160 GB storage space.

CloudWays pricing chart

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Last Ideas

Different companies have different site requirements. That said, it is important to get web host services that rhyme your particular business. With CloudWays, it is simple to choose a plan that satisfies the key requirements of your service or team. Furthermore, their prices are economical, and the quality of service is superior.

In spite of the couple of constraints that CloudWays have, their strengths in terms of features are to reckon with. All you require to do as a web user is select the plan that suits your requirements and budget! CloudWays Is It Possible To Adjust Server Diskspace

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