5 of the Best File Management Shareware Programs

file-managerWhen it comes to file management, some people need a bit more than the tools that their PC is equipped with. Windows Explorer misses the mark in several ways, which is why the selection of an alternative file management system is a good idea.

File managers aren’t created equal, and some programs come with a bigger number of useful functionalities and an intuitive interface. Here are some of the best and most user-friendly shareware file management programs.


The most prominent characteristic of this program is the dual pane interface. If you need to, you can switch to an interface that’s more reminiscent of Windows Explorer.

The dual pane interface is great for dragging and dropping single files. Also, there are a couple of additional file selection possibilities. By right-clicking a file, you’ll get access to an additional menu with a range of options.

NexusFile also provides opportunities to change the file’s date stamp and to archive or extract the contents of the respective file. Tabs and favourites are available, as well.


When it comes to usability and convenience, few programs compare to CubicExplorer. This is another file management software product that features simple Windows Explorer-like interface.

Some of the options that CubicExplorer provides include quick view, path, breadcrumb and tabs. Additional panel customization is available. All of the tasks can be accomplished by dragging and dropping.

While the interface is very straightforward and customizable, it lacks multi-pane functionality. That’s the only shortcoming to keep in mind about CubicExplorer.

Multi Commander

This is another file management program that comes with single and dual panes. The difference between this program and the previous entries in the list is that you can open several tabs in every single window.

Multi Commander gives you a chance to create shortcuts to all of your favourite files and folders. Copying and navigating with the program both become effortless because of this customization possibility.


Having access to all of this program’s features is entirely free of charge. Dual pane browsing and effortless archiving are two of the most prominent characteristics of FreeCommander that make it worth a try.

The program comes with a built-in file viewer, Windows Explorer-like interface, FTP, information about folder size and intuitive sorting of files by size. All of these enable easy filtering and organisation of files.

FreeCommander has a couple of additional features that are quite intriguing. There’s a wipe file option, as well as a possibility to split a single file or join two.


This is the final entry in the list, and it has several characteristics that distinguish it from the rest.

Xplorer2 comes with a dual-pane interface and file tree options. FTP access, bookmarks and sophisticated file filtering simplify the process of organising and viewing files. The program works with keyboard shortcuts for the ones that need additional speed.

The program is available as freeware or as a shareware option. A Lite version can also be downloaded for the ones in need of a portable file management program.

When looking for shareware programs, always assess the interface and make sure that you’re comfortable with it. The available file management options and bonus features have to be examined, as well. Don’t opt for the programs that others recommend, stick to the program you find most functional and practical.